SmallCapSociety Acceptable Use Policy

This page is meant as a plain–English explanation and clarification of our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

Our Intentions

SmallCapSociety, via our email partner AWeber, will not knowingly provide deliverability consulting services or server hosting in support of unsolicited bulk e-mail. We will not knowingly provide any services in support of illegal products, unlawful activities, or emailing sexually explicit content.

Subscribe With Confidence

Your privacy and inbox are safe. What does this mean? SmallCapSociety, via AWeber, responsibly manages email marketing campaigns as follows:

  1. SmallCapSociety will send you email if you give them permission to do so (i.e. by subscribing to their mailing list). We will respect your permission.
  2. SmallCapSociety will only send you email that is related to what you subscribed to and why you subscribed.
  3. SmallCapSociety will abide by AWeber's anti-spam rules and anti-spam laws like CAN-SPAM.
  4. You can unsubscribe whenever you want with a click of your mouse.

Acceptable Use Policy

SmallCapSociety hosts its email server with AWeber and must abide by the following requirements. If AWeber determines that a customer such as SmallCapSociety is in violation of any of these, then they may terminate the hosting agreement, cancel or prevent access to accounts, remove data from their systems, or take whatever action they deem appropriate and reasonable in the situation.

  • Senders may not send unsolicited bulk email or allow it to be sent.
  • No sender may mail to any list of addresses that was acquired from someone else, unless each and every person on that list gave permission for that sender – and not the person from whom they got the list — to send them mail. This includes but is not limited to lists a sender purchased, leased, bartered for, were given, rented, stole, or found lying on the sidewalk. This includes lists gotten from appending services.
  • Just to be clear: email appending is not allowed. Neither are bought lists.
  • All mail must comply with the current CAN-SPAM regulations and whatever laws are applicable in the business location of the sender.
  • No sender may include in any message material that is in violation of any other party's rights, including but not limited to copyrights and trademark use.
  • No domain name used in AWeber's system as the reverse DNS name for an IP address can be registered in such a way as to hide or falsify the information in the WHOIS record. That means SmallCapSociety may not use "whois privacy protection" or anything having similar effect for these domains.
  • Every message must clearly and accurately identify the sender, in such a way that the recipient can easily recognize the sender and associate the message with the permission given. Don't impersonate a person or organization that you're not.
  • If one or more of the IP addresses being used to send mail is blocked or blacklisted, make every effort to get unblocked or delisted as quickly as possible — including contacting the blocking party, but also possibly changing your mailing habits, improving list hygiene, and whatever else might be reasonably required.
  • No sender may mail to an address after permission has been revoked, including (but not limited to):
    • Unsubscribing.
    • Reporting a message as spam (as reported to the sender via a feedback loop).
  • Any bounce that clearly indicates that the address does not exist or is not functional ("no such address" for example).

Unacceptable Content

SmallCapSociety, via our email partner AWeber, may not send email promoting, advertising, offering, or including the URLs of or links to certain types of services, products, or content, or businesses or web sites that do so.

These include:

  • Illegal goods or services
  • Sexually explicit content
  • Material that violates another party's rights, including copyrights and trademarks, Sale or transfer of lists of email addresses, Malware of any type (including viruses, bots, Trojans, worms, and so on), Gambling, Multi-level marketing (MLM), Payday loans, credit repair, "get out of debt" services, Lead generation

Our Definitions

A few of the terms above have a history of being used in different ways by different people, so in case you're unsure of what, exactly, we mean and want clarification, here's how we define them:

Unsolicited: An email is unsolicited when the recipient has not granted prior permission for the message to be sent.

Bulk: A bulk email is one in which the message is sent as part of a larger collection of messages, all having substantively identical content.

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