The Emerging
Titan in
Mobile Commerce
With an innovative mobile commerce app geared toward small and medium businesses and their customers, this under-the-radar company is tapping into
a $252 billion market
Fellow Investor,
We don’t tend to put much thought into the apps we load on our smartphones and tablets, but make no mistake: It’s a massive industry, with global mobile app store gross revenues around $51 billion in 2016 and exceeding $101 billion in 2020, thanks to growth within developing economies and the capturing of greater wallet share in first-world economies.

It’s expanding so fast that it makes your head spin. British consulting company Ovum recently predicted this market will make three times as much money between 2016 and 2020 as it did between 2008 and 2015.

What’s at stake is much bigger than just apps, though: Forrester research projects that mobile will soon account for 49 percent of overall ecommerce.
Do the math, and that's $252 billion in sales by 2020.

Now, as a technology user—if you’re like most people—your smartphone is cluttered with dozens of apps, many of which don’t function well or that you never use. In addition, you’re constantly irritated by switching between the multiple communications channels you need to use every day.

But you also have to look at the situation from the business perspective: More and more companies are dumping major investments into app development…while struggling with the challenge of trying to acquire mobile users, capture their attention, and get them to buy.
Uneeqo, Inc. - UNEQ
Symbol UNEQ
Market OTC
Market Cap 37.77M
Float 52.75M
Rating Strong Buy
Uneeqo Busines Network • OTC:UNEQ
Building the Killer App to Beat All Killer Apps
What if I told you that there’s an under-the-radar company that’s unlocked the secret to solving this problem for consumers as well as businesses?

And what if you knew you could scoop up this company's shares for pennies on the dollar before the Wall Street herd piles in…and they become a household name?

Before you conclude it’s too good to be true, let’s take a look at why our analysts say this emerging player has the inside line on revolutionizing mobile commerce.

The easiest way to understand our new pick, Uneeqo Business Network (OTC:UNEQ), is that it provides an integrated instant engagement platform.

For businesses, that means the ability to access actively interested individuals more efficiently, facilitating customers' ability to purchase while integrating their information through a multi-vendor mobile commerce engine.

For users, the Uneeqo app creates an entirely new buying experience, making it convenient and pleasant to buy what you want from who you want, as well as communicating with your friends.
Of course, those are just the 30,000-foot-view highlights… so let's dig into the details.
Filling a Critical Gap for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
Uneeqo is creating what they've called a "social messaging ecosystem," and they're specifically targeting small and medium-sized businesses (one to 250 employees) that either can't afford or don't have the technology to build such a platform. This ecosystem has three key components:
1. Enabling businesses to reach their customers through a private conversational network (either one to one or in mass communications); launch a mobile customer relationship management (CRM) platform; and acquire new customers through branding as well as specific product requests.

2. Creating a peer-to-peer network that connects users and friends through a single platform of messaging, VOIP, images, and videos. It also makes it easy for them to reach out to friends to let them know about deals they'd be interested in.

3. Launching a mobile commerce marketplace that includes user-selectable offers as well as multi-vendor capabilities through one checkout—again, making it simple for users.
This is a fantastic deal for small and medium-sized companies. They get a direct, rich-message engagement with their customers on their mobile devices for a couple hundred bucks a year…compared to developing their own app with similar functionality for a cost of $75,000 or more.

Those reduced marketing expenses translate directly into improved ROI, as well as easy customer acquisition. Plus, since it's a user-invitation only program, it means high engagement and NO spam to turn off your customers.
  • As a result, businesses have a major incentive to flock to Uneeqo.
  • There's no better way to go mobile to increase customer acquisition and engagement.
  • There are no hidden upcharges for branding, product or service listings, or for the ability to send and receive unlimited messages.
  • Just one annual license fee, as low as $299 a year, and you have all the tools that big businesses may spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop and manage!
Uneeqo Busines Network • OTC:UNEQ
Targeting an Underserved Audience of 100-Million-Plus Businesses
At launch, Uneeqo is focused on English speakers within the European Union and US markets, but their plans are eventually to go global and support multiple languages. There are no restrictions on which sectors their clients are in—basically, anyone who wants to sell a product or service.

How big are these markets?

Well, in the EU, there are 20.5 million small and medium-sized businesses, and they employ 67% of the private workforce. In the US, the figure is 28.6 million, which is almost exactly half of the private workforce. When the time comes to launch in the Asia/Pacific region? We're talking 68.2 million more companies that could be Uneeqo clients!
And across the board, these businesses are underserved when it comes to access to mobile app technologies.
Think about it: All of these potential clients don't just want access to customers on their mobile devices—it's a matter of survival. They need Uneeqo on a variety of levels:
  • branding capabilities that big companies already have
  • a cost-effective, reliable way to sell to customers on their mobiles when they're ready to buy
  • access to customer data profiles
  • a simple way to provide customer service
  • the ability to encourage customers to the "buy-local" trend instead of defaulting to the big brands
Uneeqo checks all the boxes for those companies. But, as you can imagine, this is a competitive marketplace…so here's some perspective on…
Understanding Uneeqo's Competitive Advantages
From an objective perspective, Uneeqo has the first-mover advantage in this space, and the heart of that comes down to technology. It's important to note, too, that their intellectual property includes business process logic, multi-branded mobile app, and floating communications messenger.

Some of the key functions include:
  • A centrally hosted mobile CRM, where it can be accessed by individual businesses—in other words, it makes it convenient and inexpensive compared to creating your own infrastructure.
  • Customers control which businesses they connect to and communicate with about messages or offers—so they can be confident they're not going to get bombarded with unwanted spam. That builds loyalty.
  • The inline-message web and product links open within the message and not externally—again, a convenience and loyalty-building factor for users.
  • Their multi-vendor mobile mCommerce engine runs within the message stream for purchase and payments through various e-wallets for security. No barriers to purchasing.
  • The platform and application agnostic “Floating Communication Messenger (FCM)” on web browsers (desktop and mobile) with dropdown address book for easy and fast referral and communication between users themselves and the businesses they choose to correspond with. It makes this an absolute MUST-HAVE app that does the job of several others.
Ultimately, the brilliance of Uneeqo's solution comes down to combining just-in-time customer choice while leveraging big data to serve the customer better.
This is a major advance over the current systems, which use predictive historical behavior that is frequently inaccurate and bothersome to users.
What about the competitors themselves?
They're either not equipped to deal with small and medium businesses on this level, or simply don't care because of their relative size.
Amazon, for example, doesn't accommodate mobile branding on customers' mobile devices, and they give all the advantages to large brands with better price breaks. There's no access to CRM information, and the ability to have direct customer engagement and deliver customer care are very limited.
Craigslist has no mobile presence for these businesses or their customers, no e-commerce portal or CRM capabilities, and limited customer engagement facilities.
And, yes, the same is true for E-Bay: No branding, you're dependent on searches for exposure, and no CRM.
Here's Another Key: Rapid User Adoption
So far, we've talked a lot about the advantages for businesses. But even the greatest app in the world needs users to go to their favorite online store and click the "get" button. Uneeqo stands to have simply huge and rapid user adoption rates for its Uneeqo User Communicator app, and here's why:
  • Single application with multiple functions—no more mobile app overload!
  • Control: 100% user control and one-click configuring for the businesses of their choice and messaging with their friends.
  • No "digital stalking": This is pure demand marketing for information and product as and when the user wants it.
  • Security and privacy: A user's address book contacts are not automatically connected and they control who they want to connect with through secure personal communication channels. No personal information is required from the user to use Uneeqo.
  • Cost: 100% free to the user.
Honestly, it's a no-brainer.
As a consumer, why WOULDN'T you simplify your life by becoming a Uneeqo user?
Uneeqo Busines Network • OTC:UNEQ
Running the Numbers…
Customers increasingly are turning to mobile—and away from desktops—to search for and connect with businesses. Accommodating that isn't just expected from companies, it's required.

As a result, Uneeqo's timing and solution could not be better. They've already developed and implemented multi-branding on a single mobile app for business on iPhone and Android, and Windows is imminent, and news of launch is sure to send shares soaring from today's levels.

If they captured just 1% of the current potential market in small and medium businesses—each of them spending just $500 each per year—the numbers are mind-blowing: It would result in annual revenues of $394 million!

And that's not even including the royalty revenue they'll make through the mCommerce service or Floating Communication Messenger, or the fact their target market stands to grow by 38% annually for the next 5 years!
What's Next…
and Why You Need to Get on Board NOW!
In the very near future, Uneeqo will be pulling out all the stops to promote their app, including user contests, email marketing programs directed to businesses, participating in industry events and trade shows, public relations and more. They're in the process of establishing sales offices in the EU and US, and ultimately Asia, where they have an associate partner group. Of course, once businesses and consumers start adopting, viral marketing will be a key influencer.

In addition, because of its unique target audience and its importance to national economies, Uneeqo has major partnership potential, whether it's with the UK's Federation of Small Business (with 200,000 members), the US Small Business Administration, a major chat vendor, or a CRM software provider such as Salesforce.com.

In fact, they can't disclose the name publicly, but they're currently in discussions with one of the largest advertising, marketing, and public relations on the planet, with potential for instant global reach.
Uneeqo, Inc. - UNEQ
Symbol UNEQ
Market OTC
Market Cap 37.77M
Float 52.75M
Rating Strong Buy
Add it all up, and the situation is obvious: UNEQ represents an opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor of a company that's ready to break the mobile commerce game wide open.

Remember, $252 billion in mobile commerce sales will be there for the taking by 2020.
How can you get your share of this rapidly expanding industry?
Just as UNEQ serves as a simple, one-stop-shopping solution for consumers and a one-app tool for businesses, it's a one-stock solution to build wealth in your portfolio.

Our analysts believe that Uneeqo has the best potential to become a household name of any company they've seen in years.

So don't delay: Research the company and its capabilities, crunch the numbers yourself…and then "download" UNEQ into your brokerage account to ride the profits.


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