David Moore, Editor, Rising Stock Advisor
Tobacco Industry’s Hidden
Profits: REVEALED!
FLASR Inc. (FLSR) Conquering
Tobacco’s Most Explosive Sector
Could Mean BIG $$$ In Your Pocket!
Tobacco’s BIGGEST growing market has quietly BLASTED into a
$6.2 Billion industry! While the rest of the mainstream investing
world fights for Pot Stocks scraps – smokeless tobacco’s profits
could be yours for the taking! See why below!


While many on Wall Street think that tobacco is on the decline – the truth is there are BILLIONS of profits left in this perennial and proven winner’s tank for those that know where to look.

Smokeless tobacco is experiencing an unprecedented rise in popularity…

In 2014, sales of moist tobacco – otherwise known as snuff, dip or chew – jumped an astounding 7.71% over the year before, with sales ringing in at over $5.2 Billion!

This is huge…

And yet most investors tend to shy away from tobacco as profit center – even though the proof is there that there is PLENTY of money left to be made in this established industry.

While breaking into tobacco’s “Good Ol’ Boy Club” hasn’t traditionally been an easy task…

FLSR has discovered a way to service tobacco’s BIGGEST growing sector in much the same way that vaporizers have aloud cigarette smokers the freedom to smoke in public again.

By targeting tobacco’s FASTEST growing sector and ONLY this sector – FLSR is setting early investors up for a chance at HUGE gains.

How big?

Well, we could be looking at a triple-digit play!

And here’s why…

Anti-smoking campaigns have taken a serious bite out of the popularity of cigarettes over the past decade…

but there's ONE segment of the tobacco industry that's quietly been booming behind the scenes:

Smokeless tobacco—also known as moist tobacco, snuff, dip, chew, or spit tobacco.

Like the old ads said, it's the kind that you put a pinch between your teeth and gum.

The fact is, even while smokers are vilified, millions still crave a nicotine buzz.


Just look at the numbers…

Last year, the smokeless tobacco category rang up nearly $5.2 billion in sales at U.S. convenience stores, according to Information Resources Inc. (IRI): a 7.71% increase over the previous 12 months.

The majority of sales in the smokeless tobacco category come from moist smokeless, which increased 7.85% for the reporting period to $4.98 billion.

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Identifying the Best Investing Angle

If you want something that can soar quickly on news, you need to look elsewhere…small, nimble, under-covered.

I have identified a small-cap company, FLASR™ (FLSR:OTC), that offers exactly that, in a way that's a highly targeted angle on the sector.

While they only recently went public, FLSR has got several years of research & development under their belts, as well as strategic planning to bust this market WIDE OPEN and exploit the steady upward growth in smokeless tobacco.

And you've got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get in EARLY.

FLSR's Unique, Discreet Solution…

While smokeless tobacco offers the advantage of being more discrete than a cloud of cigarette smoke, it still requires a discreet solution to get rid of the resulting spit.

You just don’t see brass spittoons anymore like in the old Western movies, and that's not a realistic or sanitary solution in an office environment or even a bar anymore. So, most tobacco chewers use a can, bottle or other disposable receptacle…with the ever-present danger of spills in the car, at the office, or around the home.

Flask has created an innovative solution, based on extensive market and product research. It's convenient pocket flask spittoon with several key features:

…Plus a Smart, Extensive Distribution Network…

Beyond the product itself, FLSR’s distribution network is key to their strategy. Starting out, that was 10 states and about 400 stores, and the company’s distribution strategy is to sell to larger distributors to cover several national chain stores and direct to retailer, with a primary market of convenience stores and secondarily sporting goods distributors, auto parts retailers and other specialty stores.

But those numbers stand to increase dramatically.

Just a few weeks ago, FLSR announced a partnership with Product and Service Distribution Technologies (PSDT) to market the flask.

TAZ Tobacco

So check this out: PSDT reaches 85 percent of retail outlets in the United States and has worked with more than 50 products, services, and brands internationally.

PSDT’s international sales and marketing experience will assist in targeting the product to niche retailers and corporations in North America. The company’s experience working with clients such as Wicked Audio, Transamerica, T-Mobile, Global Direct, Primetime, and Billboard will help ensure that FLSR is marketed to ideal retailers, both online and in stores.

The company has retailers in all verticals, including convenience, drug, discount, specialty, grocery and mass retailers such as Dollar General, Walgreens, Walmart, Truck Stops of America, and Circle K will be valuable when marketing FLSR.

Having those names in FLSR's corner represents a HUGE coup, and will translate into turbocharged national brand recognition.

…and Savvy, Targeted Marketing Campaigns…

In addition to forward-thinking designs to appeal to professionals who use tobacco, FLSR is broadening its reach with initiatives and flask designs aimed toward key audiences:

Sponsorship of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Reed Sorenson and his No. 36 Tommy Baldwin Racing (TBR) team. The NASCAR fan base and community could be a breakout audience for the company as they grow the brand.
Partnership with T Roy Broussard, an alligator hunter on the reality show "Swamp People" and a professional angler. One of the flasks has a design to match T Roy's pro bass boat and truck.
FLSR: Huge Potential from Current Trends

Assuming the U.S. moist tobacco market value hits $6.2 billion by the end of 2014, that will represent growth of about 6.6% since 2011.

Interestingly enough, the dramatic drop in cigarette consumption has been fueling the boom in moist tobacco. More than half the states in the U.S. have implemented comprehensive restrictions on smoking in public and private work areas, and more than two-thirds have partial restrictions.

Adult smokers need to find an alternative, given that smoking costs more than smokeless tobacco use—not to mention the societal pressure!

Of course, investors need to realize that the tobacco industry remains highly regulated and taxed at the federal, state, and local levels, which may play a role in the affordability and popularity of tobacco products. In addition, OTC stocks may be thinly traded and volatile. Investors are advised do their own due diligence and consult with a financial advisor before buying or selling any securities.

Still, as increasing numbers of companies have banned smoking in work vehicles or in the office, smokeless tobacco continues to become more socially acceptable—and it's unlikely to face the full-on attack subjected to cigarettes.

FLSR is hoping to take that acceptability one step further, with a convenient, prudent, and portable unit for moist tobacco users.

Could FLSR Break into Asia?

While the company is currently focused on its U.S. audience and campaigns, the fact of the matter is that reaching an international market could blow share prices sky high.

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 250 million adults consume smokeless tobacco in the 11 countries representing the South-East Asia Region.

That's 90% of global smokeless tobacco users. Asian sales are on fire. The World Health Organization reports that of China’s 1.3 billion population, more than 300 million already smoke—and, like in the U.S., they could all potentially be smokeless tobacco users down the line.

Imagine what that could do to share prices!
A Market That's Willing to Spend

Bottom line, smokeless tobacco buyers spend more than $2,000 annually each at convenience stores to support their habit.

Spending less than $5 to purchase a FLASR flask—making life easier and cleaner—is a no-brainer. (Indeed, that's less than the cost of a can or pouch of tobacco in many states.)

New designs and partnerships could be announced anytime…and you can guess what might happen to share prices.

It seems like the time is right for FLSR, hitting a robust industry in a hot streak, with a unique and hip product.

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And remember, they've got:

  • An industry that's quietly grown to $6+ billion annually, with no signs of slowing
  • A ready-to-go distribution network, bricks and mortar and online—reaching 85% of the retail outlets in the U.S.
  • A celebrity endorsement program that includes pro sports such as NASCAR, reality TV, and more.
  • A price point that's the perfect impulse sale for a piece of mind.

So, if you're thinking of an investment that capitalizes on those factors, you need to consider pouring some FLSR into your portfolio.

Don't Wait! Consider Acting On FLSR Today!

You’ve seen the proof on how we could profit from tobacco’s FASTEST growing sector!

By targeting smokeless tobacco users, FLSR is giving early investors a chance to grab the profits the rest of the mainstream investing world seems to have forgotten about!

While they’re waiting for the next “pot stock” to hit – where they’re getting the chance to make a pittance…

Investors who act on FLSR could find themselves with a triple-digit WINDFALL!!

Please, consider calling your discount broker or logging in to your online trading account and grabbing shares of FLSR today – while they may be the cheapest we EVER see them at!

Don’t find yourself on the outside looking in…

Tobacco’s profits are YOURS for the taking!!

Act NOW!!


David Moore
Editor, Rising Stock Advisor


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