The $191.7 Billion Trend:
from the NEXT Botox!
The Anti-Aging Trend Is Going Ballistic…
And This ONE Small Company Is Ready
To Break the $191.7 Billion Industry Wide Open:
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No one wants to get old…but the baby boomers are the first generation with massive amounts of cash to spend on looking younger. The Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates that Americans over 50 possess nearly $46 trillion of wealth. And by 2030, more than one in three Americans will be over 50.

That demographic shift is creating some MONSTER opportunities in the anti-aging market, which is expected be worth $191.7 billion by 2019—while growing at a healthy 6.8% annualized rate.

Our Featured Stock of the Month, Science to Consumers, Inc. (BEUT:OTC), is leveraging 21st century skin-care science and cost-effective, high-return marketing to take advantage of consumers' unquenchable desire to look younger and healthier.
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BEUT: Using Genetic Engineering to Beat Botox at Its Own Game
If you're wondering what could happen to BEUT’s value, think along the lines of Botox, which generated a $66 billion deal last fall. Here’s why:

BEUT’s first product to market is DermaLastyl®, a genetically engineered, trademarked anti-aging cream that reduces wrinkles through the use of revolutionary science.
  • Key ingredient:
    Tropoelastin, is a patented formulation of elastin—the highly elastic protein that allows tissues in the body to resume their shape after stretching or contracting.
  • How it works:
    Tropoelastin repairs and heals damaged elastin—reversing the appearance of wrinkles and returning skin to its youthful appearance. Since it replicates human tissue materials, it's easily absorbed and highly effective.
  • Effective and safe:
    A study showed Tropoelastin to be not only safe, but better than prescription products Botox™, Tritinoin™ and Estrogen in reducing the depth and volume of wrinkles in the crow’s feet area of the face.
Plus…With four issued patents, and two patents pending, DermaLastyl’s ingredients cannot be obtained anywhere else other than BEUT’s product lines!
Early-in investors in BEUT:OTC could be looking at gains of 100%, 500% or more—an unprecedented opportunity to create your own "fountain of wealth" from people obsessed with finding the "Fountain of Youth."
A Market-Proven Revenue Stream… And a Secret Marketing Weapon!
Unlike many small-cap companies that you might hear about, BEUT’s headline product already has a proven track record, since DermaLastyl has been sold online for several years.
During that time, DermaLastyl has generated approximately $5 million in revenue from more than 30,000 customers.
Amazingly enough, they achieved those numbers purely by word of mouth—practically without spending a dime on advertising. That’s about to change, though, as they launch a no-holds-barred, direct-to-consumer campaign on the internet, radio, and TV.

BEUT’s secret marketing weapon, though, is its “Preferred Customer” program: Customers will be asked to agree to regular automatic shipments of product and credit card charges in exchange for a price discount or other reward.
That strategy delivers extremely high margins because there are no additional advertising and selling costs!
What’s Next: 4 More Ways to Profit from BEUT
On the basis of DermaLastyl alone, BEUT has all the earmarks of a stock that could soar. But keep in mind, the company also has several additional products under development for the anti-aging market:
  • An eyelash-enhancing serum
  • A hair-growth product
  • Stem-cell based products
  • Products genetically engineered for specific ethnic audiences
Because those products are still in their early stages, of course, they haven't been priced into the stock yet.
By buying shares in BEUT now, you're essentially getting their potential for FREE.
Buy BEUT Before It Becomes a Household Name
Combined, the top four specialized anti-aging brands generate more than $400 million in sales.

BEUT stands to profit in exactly the same way, en route to becoming a household name. However…

You’re soon going to start seeing and hearing ads for DermaLastyl and the company's "Anti-Aging System"…

And at some point, you’re going to hear news about the successful launch of one of BEUT’s new products…
If you wait till then…those easy, early stock gains could pass you by.
The good news is, we’ve alerted you to BEUT and its plans early in the game—so now it's time to due your due diligence in a hurry.

Our analysts say the timing is perfect for Science to Consumers (BEUT:OTC): A ready-to-breakout stock that has it all…revolutionary science, a demographic boom, and proven revenue potential for the long haul.