Why Advertise?

With thousands of publicly traded companies competing for attention, most public companies find it almost impossible to reliably, effectively deliver their message to the investment community. This results in both company principals and existing shareholders becoming frustrated with poor stock performance. The problem is: more investors are taking charge of their own financial dealings by performing their own research and trading online – and they’re being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information available. Is your company providing timely, accurate information directly to this essential class of retail investor?

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Investor Lead Generation Service for Public Companies:
We offer our public company clients a completely turn key investor marketing service. Our team will work with your senior management and investor relations professional and board to define your investor marketing needs. After reviewing your needs we can then recommend one or more of our services to help you achieve your Investor Relations

Social Media for Public Companies:
Our team can quickly set the must have critical social media profiles that every public company should have. Our writers will create all the copy, load the images and links to your website. If requested, our staff writers can manage the daily activities of the account and provide reporting back to your team.

PPC – Pay Per Click – (also known as Google Ads)
Our inhouse team has highly specialized experience at setting up and running targeted online advertising using all of the main PPC opportunities online. With a focus on custom audiences, we reduce the cost per ad and reduce, increase engagement, and significant waste of advertising dollars.

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Email to qualified investors:
We have established relationships and access to 10 of millions of online investors in Canada, USA, Europe, Asia, and worldwide. Our design team can build web-based emails to match the look and feel of your company. Our sophisticated email marketing database will quickly process your leads for you.

Investor List sourcing:
We have access to both direct mail and email subscriber lists from Gold, Technology, Bio-Tech, Oil & Gas, Options, Day trading, Stock Investment newsletters, and many other Investment websites and financial portals. We also maintain an extensive database of permission based investor email subscribers’ number into the millions.

Printed direct mail campaigns:
We can design, print and mail in Canada, USA, Europe and Asia from 5,000 pieces to 1,000,000 pieces. Our team can provide a complete turnkey service including design, copywriting , printing, delivery and investor list provisioning.

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